Tuesday, September 27, 2016

RTE rejects TV3 collaboration offer on diaspora channel.

So, being reported by The Irish Times, and coming to my attention via the Media Boy Blog, is a report that TV3 has offered to collaborate with RTE on a best of Irish TV channel for the Irish diaspora.

Irish World then reported, and again brought to my attention by the Media Boy blog that RTE rejected the idea calling it speculative and premature.

Premature?  Remember, this is the company that part owned Tara TV between 1998 and 2002.

There hasn't been a TV channel aimed at the Irish abroad since then.  There hasn't been a true best of Ireland TV channel since then.

RTE has not only RTE 1 & RTE 2, but also RTE News Now and RTE Jr.  TV3 has of course TV3 and 3e, and UTV Ireland when that deal gets completed, and what ever that becomes.  Some have suggested it will get closed down, others think it will become 3u, and what a horrible name that is, but whatever happens there, the idea of RTE and TV3 teaming up for a channel is a great combination.

Think about this.  TV3 already have Ireland's only local breakfast TV show in Ireland AM, so they could start the ball rolling at 7am.  Have live news from TV3 at 12.30, 5.30 and 8.00, with live RTE News at 1.00, 6.01 and 9.00.  That already gives a collaborative channel a great structure of live news to work from.  Adding in Xpose, The Seven O'Clock Show, Midday and Tonight with Vincent Brown from TV3, and Today and The Late Late Show from  RTE, and you have the basics of a great channel that would showcase the best of Irish TV.

RTE should rethink the whole rejection of TV3's idea as it is a good one.  What's more, they should be looking to get RTE News Now onto Sky in the UK, Freest in the UK and Virgin Media in the UK as quickly as possible.  

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